CLAAS XERION 4000-5000 V 4.0 RUS FS 2017

Power 419 hp, 479 hp, 520 hp, 600 hp The speed is 52 km / h. Interactive control (IC) (doors are opened, the steering column is adjusted, the sun visor is lowered, the computer is turned on, the front hitch is folded, front fenders are removed, hoses for pumping the wheels are put, warning signs are placed, the loader is put in; manually, outside (the letter “R”) opens Right door (letter “X”) opens the hood). Lighting technology, working dashboard and mirrors, animating the farmer’s hands, noise isolation, reversible steering, four wheel rotation modes, choice (engine, standard / wide tires / Michelin tires / narrow double wheels / double wheels, rim colors, design standard / and more Seven options) when buying, leaves traces, dust from under the wheels. Washable. The counterweight is 3000 kg. Washable.

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