Changes in version V4:
*Michelin tires
*Additional tire pressure system (RDA in wheels)
*Dynamic Hoses
*New exhaust emissions
*New function
*Fixed texture

Changes in version V3:
*New features on Interactive Control
*New configurations of wheels
*Full animation of the front suspension
*New texture dirt (new color dirt)
*New realistic texture and reduced gloss
*Detach the front fenders
*Mod passenger
*Mod works with Course Play
*Improved model
*New buttons for interactive control
*Repairs rear power lift
*Other adjustments, improvements

Properties of mod:
Full washable
The choice of engine power (235HP, 260HP, 290HP, 320HP, 350HP)
Animated joystick
Selection: Front hydraulics or front weight
Panel IC
Gloss texture
Possibility to open left door on the outside of the tractor
Silenced cabin
Foldable passenger seat
Open the bonnet
Buy twin wheels
Buy balancing weights
Adjust the steering column
Darker Dynamic extraction system
Foldable front arm
Opened the door, rear window
Working light, turn signals, brake lights
Warning Sign Folding
The dust under the wheels
Tachometer and speedometer
Movable front fender
Animated hydraulics
Log is free of errors

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