JOHN DEERE T660I/670I V2.0

The harvest is approaching! CEA Modding has a renovated John Deere T Series.

New V2 Changes:
Texture Changes
New Crawler Configurations
New Engine + New power settings
New Pipe
Changed Attacher Rotation
Changed differentials
Changed cameras & lights

Engine T660i
Engine T670i
Wheel Configuration Normal
Wheel Configuration Board
Crawler Configuration 600DT Deluxe Tracks
Crawler Configuration 36inch Tracks
In Pack also John Deere 630R Cutter!

Animmated parts
Work lights and cab lights
Indoor huds
Active Exhaust Effects
Door Opener
Cylinders Suspension Animation
Chopper Animation
Joystick Animation

Model: CEAModding, MySQly, T0bi69
Texture: CEAModding, MySQly, T0bi69
Script: CEAModding
Idea / Concept: CEAModding
Testing: CEAModding
Other: CEAModding

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